Friday, February 17, 2012

Either you get it or you don't?

I am going to be reprinting some old classic entries from my previous blog called The Angry Grappler. It will chronicle the evolution in my understanding of martial arts.
28 May 2009 @ 03:02 pm

Some people it seems you show them a move and right away they use it or teach them a concept and they apply it quickly. Then there are others who always seem to ask the same questions and get the same answers and always respond with, "oh that makes sense." Then cannot apply it or remember how to do the move.

You can tell right away who these people are currently or who will become these people. They just won't get it...just won't get it in the traditional sense. They can still get it eventually. But I think they have to work backwards. As in instead of learn the concept, learn the mechanics and drill it enough times where they body memorizes the movements and once it does that their mind will follow and understand why and when to use it. Application to understand concept. Not understand concept then apply it.

But I notice a lot of the people who need to drill, just want to roll and live in this hamster wheel of asking the same questions over and over and rolling and getting caught in the same thing over and over.

It is like you have a knife to cut weed, you come up to a weed cutting master and ask him, how can I cut more weed? He looks at your knife and tells you that its too dull, you need to spend more time sharpening it. The other person responds, "oh that makes sense." Then immediately just goes back to cutting more weed and never sharpens it. Or if he does sharpen it, its like once and for a short time and eventually that knife will go dull again.

In a perfect world I would like to see people roll less hard, and drill more. I would like to see people take the time and slow down and get everything right from the start, like how about learning to tie your belt correctly.

I think good advice would be, figure out what kind of learner you are and base your learning strategy around that.
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Sam Y. is a Master Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist, Coach, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Corrective Enhancement Specialist, Yoga and Pilates instructor, and holds multiple certifications. He is also an avid Martial Artist, training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Boxing, and MMA. He is also the author of the popular fitness blog All Out Effort as well as the popular martial arts blog Inner BJJ. You can find him in the Los Angeles area personal training his clients, or at home annoying his wife, or on Facebook at his personal fitness page.

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