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How I try to improve my game

I am going to be reprinting some old classic entries from my previous blog called The Angry Grappler. It will chronicle the evolution in my understanding of martial arts.
03 March 2007 @ 05:28 pm
To me jits is all like math, statistics, formulas, and patterns. The movements are like physics, but a lot of physics is math and since I never took a physics class before even though my HS wrestling coach was the teacher, I just simply apply it to match. My instructor told me that's not the best way to look at it, he's more about free thinking and it being fun.

Maybe because I am Asian but I can only understand things best when its a formula and I can create numbers based on it. Maybe because I am always a student and can't get out of that academic mindset.

Jits is already a numbers game because in competition, different positions earn different points. That's where I become like that dude from A Beautiful Mind. A takedown earns 2 pts. Why? Because chances are the person who gets the takedown will win the match. They are initiating, controlling, and have top position. Getting mount or back control is 4 pts. The most pts you can earn on any position, reason is these two positions afford the person the most control, base, and chances for a submission. Second most points is passing the guard, again you up your win percentage when you do this from being stationary in his guard. The whole game of jiu jitsu is about passing, and stopping the pass. That's it in a nutshell. Then you got sidemount/knee on belly and sweeps for 2 pts. These are scrambly positions where you may be here for a moment til your next move or a submission. Everything is about increasing your finish percentage and also what moves are you best at and what's your finish ration once you set it up? These are questions I have.

Like when I have their back, and I am having a hard time finishing the choke, I have a choice, either keep going for the choke or switch to an armbar. I tend have a rule, when I get the back, always go for the choke. Its like in black jack, doesn't matter what hand the dealer shows, you always split aces. It's all a game of risk and probabilities. Lower your risk and increase your probability to win makes you the best player.

If I know a guys game, like he will pull guard, armbar, switch to take your back, then switch to cradle choke. My job is to break that chain of events and somewhere link that chain to my chain. Either at the beginning by pulling guard myself, or when he takes my back, immediately roll to a kneebar because his ration of catching something in that chain is high. So precision to break the chain must be high as well because already part of his game is countering while the other person is resisting. A lot of it is mental also, you fear one of his moves and allow another. Fear or too much thought will slow reaction and lower your chances to win as well.

Is it all about winning? Some say its not, but then if it had no winner, then this whole concept of jiu jitsu would not have tapping or putting someone in a position to tap or controlled as part of its philosophy. It was created to beat other people. We should stay true to that.
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