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Jiu Jitsu Utah With Ricky Lundell

I am going to be reprinting some old classic entries from my previous blog called The Angry Grappler. It will chronicle the evolution in my understanding of martial arts.

01 March 2008 @ 11:28 pm 
I was on my way to Boulder. But I had to stop in Utah to get a chance to train with the youngest American black belt, Ricky Lundell. he is also a FILA world submission wrestling champion and black belt under Pedro Sauer.

He is still an active competitor so it was my first gym that was run by a competitive instructor. When I came in he was working his wrestling with his coach. Even though Ricky is young, the way he comes off and speaks is very adult. Maybe jiu jitsu has matured him.

First thing I noticed was the altitude in Utah. Not as high as Boulder, but still higher than Portland and much higher than LA. It's around 48,000 feet Ricky said. So I really felt it push my wind and my muscle stamina. He ran us through every possible jiu jitsu warm up drill there is, some old school drills too and partner drills.
It was great. And another drill I had forgotten about was the reverse hip escape. Ricky Lundell is a true jiu jitsu nerd. A true student of the game and is always calculating new ways to hurt you and submit you. recently his obsession has been with the d'arce choke. So all day long that's all hes going for, from everywhere. Working such new set ups as the d'arce maul and the d'arce vader. I am not joking. I am serious. But I won't say he always calls it those things because only a Sith speaks in absolutes. Actually Laimon told me that. 
He musta tapped me with the d'arce choke a bazillion times. Each place I go, I notice little bad habits I have. Like lifting my head when they get sidemount allowing them to get head control, not running out when I have the chance, standing up when I can, adapting, etc.

My neck was sore but I was never cranked. This was the first school where the guys didn't roll all hard with the new guy. A testament to how Ricky must run his academy. I'm glad I wasn't seen as fresh meat.

I rolled with some great partners and rolled a steady pace for a long time. Ricky is a great competitor and a great teacher, he is as scientific with his jiu jitu as I have seen.

If you ever happen to be passing through Utah, stop by this academy!
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  1. Hey There Guys,

    I know it's extremely short notice, but wanted to let you know incase you hadn't heard, which I don't believe you have, that there is a martial arts tournament this weekend (September 22, 2012) at Timpview High School in Orem. There is a Facebook event/group with all the info, but I figured, even with it being super late notice, you probably have a few guys who would love to come dominate the competition and get the school Name even more out there. Anyways, here's the link, hope you guys can make it.




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