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Leg Locks are Like Any Other Sub

I am going to be reprinting some old classic entries from my previous blog called The Angry Grappler. It will chronicle the evolution in my understanding of martial arts.
11 January 2007 @ 11:20 pm

They really are. I believe if you know an armbar, you can do a leg lock. But if you can do a leg lock, you can do an armbar, and if you do one sloppy, the other one will become sloppy.

Its all the same really, arm controls the limb tight to your body or chest, knees squeeze together to keep the lock secure, hips up, arch, extend, tap tap tap. This is true of armbars and any armbar variation, triangles, kneebars, straight ankles, heel hooks. Even with heel hooks, instead of twisting, its better to just arch. I noticed this when I saw Frank Shamrock tap Dan Henderson. The mechanics of subs are the same.

Escapes of leg locks are easy also, you just have to know which one to use. For me to do a straight ankle, I need to eventually straighten your leg and bend your ankle so you can't fight the lock. So of course to stop the move from working, you need to make sure I don't extend your leg, then you need to put the boot on, which means flex your ankle and keep your foot up and don't let me bend it. From here you jump over my foot thats on your hip and escape. Heel hooks, I need to keep your leg bent, and your ankle flexed with your foot up. To escape, straighten your leg, ya it sounds weird but it works, straighten your leg, keep your ankle loose and pointed instead of up, then you need to spin out, easy way is to face the other way, get your knee to touch the mat, then push me away with your free foot, usually on my butt. If you're comfortable with the escape, instead of pushing away, you can kind of sit on me and spin around and get on top like Evan Tanner did to Justin Levens.

The thing that used to piss me off when I rolled against BJJ guys in my early years before I started BJJ was, they were so technical with everything else and wouldn't spaz, but on leg locks, they would just start spazzing it on me. Like a straight ankle would go fast and instead of one slow extension, its a bunch of spazzy cranks over and over until my ankle popped. Same with footlocks. The thing is they would never start doing that on an armbar, why on a leg lock?
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