Friday, February 17, 2012

Mystical Jiu Jitsu

I am going to be reprinting some old classic entries from my previous blog called The Angry Grappler. It will chronicle the evolution in my understanding of martial arts.
06 February 2009 @ 03:15 pm

Sometimes we get intimidated by certain players. This kind of ties back with my previous post about mental toughness. Anyhow no matter how good you think someone is, or how many times they beat you. They must still abide by the rules of the physics of Jiu Jitsu.

When I first saw Royce Gracie fight and I never heard of Jiu Jitsu before, what he was doing in his fights, I just called it magic. I was like wow, he's doing some magic to beat this guy. I couldn't see how he was setting it up or why the guy was tapping even. Now I know more and the magic has left but it has been replaced by science. Now these guys who seem unbeatable, like they can just get you with anything and you are now afraid to commit because they will just submit you with some move they pulled out of a bag, are still human, have limbs, a center, and cannot deny the affects of gravity or roll, pitch, and yaw.

Now some of these guys can appear like they defy physics because of their incredible strength, speed, balance, and iron will. They just won't give up anything. It's still physics, they just won't stop moving, accepting that they need to fall, they will keep basing their hand out, ignore pain, keep moving their hips, crunch up their core. It's all still physics, just that unless you catch them perfect which is 1 out of a 1000 techniques, they seem unstoppable.

But doesn't mean you can't. You just have to keep doing the things that work and make sense and not thing they can make stuff up on the spot. They beat you with physics, so that means you play by the same rules he does, that means as long as you survive you can win.
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