Friday, February 17, 2012

Training With Jeff Glover

I am going to be reprinting some old classic entries from my previous blog called The Angry Grappler. It will chronicle the evolution in my understanding of martial arts.
11 February 2010 @ 11:13 pm

Last 2 weeks have been insane. I had the chance to roll with my regular black belts I know, Shawn Williams and Sean Flannery. But I also got to train with Romulo Barral, Alberto Crane, Braulio Estima, Sean Apperson, Franjinha, Sean Conley, but most recently Jeff Glover...

Okay my roll with him...embarrassing. This isn't like boxing where we can look for movement from our opponent. You have to feel it and Jeff made me feel blind because he never put any weight on me so I could never anticipate his move. He kept giving me problems to solve and I never once got a chance to give him any problems to solve. He played his game and took all my turns. I felt blind and confused, I was a white belt again. This was a good reminder I have come far but I have a long way to go. I also think I was intimidated and did not roll my best either.

He never used strength, it wasn't even all technique, he just implemented his game way beyond I could my own.

I came to train twice today just to get another look at him to see what the hell he is doing and how he is moving.

It's not so much about his finishes, it was more about his hips and how he used them.

I have been using the tree analogy lately. You can focus on the leaves of the tree or its branches. I know people who know every move and watch every tape and go to every seminar and take every private and memorize every new move...and they suck. They just focus on all the finishes or sweeps, all the end game moves. The leaves if you will. At the end what do they have? A bag full of leaves, hopefully they are able to find the right leaf at the right time.

Now if I focus on the branches, I don't need a lot of leaves because I will always know where the leaves I need will be, off of this branch, or off of that. That's how good guys move it seems, that's how I try to move. That's how Jeff moves, when asked a question if I should do this or that, he just said it depends. He basically told me what I do isn't necessarily as important as getting into the position to even have that choice. Getting in the position to play my game.
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