Friday, March 23, 2012


According to Dan Faggella. Who is Dan Fagella? He's a martial artist, public speaker, business owner, and grad student. He seems to be one of those people who get it. What martial arts is about. It's not just about being good at your specific martial art, it's about using your martial art to be great at life. There are thousands of people who train BJJ, and possibly only a handful who understand that.

Dan has a great site at According to Dan , The Science of Skill's goal is:
  • To Revolutionize The Effectiveness of Combat Sport Training Worldwide 
  • To Encourage Athletes to Become More Engaged with Their Training Methods, and so Get Better Results, Faster – and More Personal Satisfaction and Grown from their Sport
It's a very popular site full on insight. He wanted to compile the a list of the top BJJ nerds on the planet. After extensive research, guess who made the list?

Top BJJ Nerd: Inner BJJ. It's a great write up that delves into what my goal with this site is. We have a lot of similar ambitions with our art. Obvious differences are, Dan is a much more accomplished competitor than I. Actually I don't even bother competing anymore. Dan's a brown belt, owns his own MMA/BJJ school called Black Diamond, and has won No Gi Pan Ams as well as getting third in the IBJJF Pan Am Championships back in 2009.

BJJ is all about efficiency. He owns his own business, goes to school, trains, speaks, and wins. So what's your excuse?

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