Friday, June 29, 2012

Can You Be Obese AND A Martial Artist?

"Fighting has been around since there has been human beings but martial arts as we know it now originated in China. The story goes, Bodhidharma, a monk from India came to China to visit a Shaolin temple. He noticed how fat the monks there had gotten, and he created a series of exercises and routines which became the basis of the first martial art. His reasoning? To make them get healthy and lose weight. His reasoning? The basis of their belief system is around enlightenment and a balance between mind, body, spirit, nature. Meaning the mind, the body, the spirit all had to be strong, in alignment, and able to move effortlessly like the rest of nature. This was not happening at the Shaolin temple.
Kung fu itself isn't a name of an art. It means "he who possesses skill or ability." 
The martial artist was supposed to be a symbol and a living application of those ideals. Effortless movement, strong mind, body, spirit. Simple in eating and thought. 
If this was its original intent, then the idea of being obese and a martial artist seems counter intuitive."

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