Monday, June 25, 2012

Strength And Conditioning Tips From Steve Maxwell

His biography in BJJ and strength.

Explains common mistakes in strength, and is one of the few guys not scared to criticize Crossfit, the 800lb gorilla in the room.

Why people tend to over-train, why people don't consider the possibility of over-training at all.

Eating as if you were still young, eating less to prolong life, frequent eating and how it affects your digestive tract, overeating and sickness, joint mobility and staying young, warrior diet, and more.


  1. Coach, these are excellent, outstanding videos. Thank you for taking the time to share this. Steve Maxwell is, in my opinion, the "Godfather" of physical culture in America, especially regarding BJJ. He knows his stuff and he's spot-on in everything he says, from paying more attention to your diet (intermittent fasting, etc.) to strength and conditioning, to longevity and mobility.

    Thanks again for sharing this. Everyone in BJJ should be listening to & learning from Steve Maxwell.





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