Sunday, July 22, 2012

Strength For BJJ

I was reading an interview on Zak Maxwell recently, who is known as one of the physically strongest BJJ players for his weight class. He said at the most, he trains BJJ twice a day, having hard days and light days. And that he ONLY trains strength and conditioning twice a week. And when he does it's just general strength stuff and nothing sports specific.

Strange how one of the strongest guys in the weight class, multiple time champion, only trains strength twice a week and only for general strength. When there's so many guys training strength every day, and doing lots of sports specific movements. Maybe that's the key to his strength and technique, there is some thought put into his training programming beyond just overload...


  1. Zak is one of my favorite competitors, but I was under the impression that most top black belts do strength training at most 2 times a week, just from the interviews I read and listen to. Just like you said, I think most top guys alternate hard and light training days, and many of them throw in long drilling sessions every day.

  2. I know of people who do Crossfit every day AND train. But then again they are not top level, they just THINK thats how top level people train.

  3. It probably doesn't hurt that his dad is Steve Maxwell, one of the foremost strength and conditioning trainers in the US, and the one of the first, if not the first, guy to bring kettlebell training to the States. Oh, and a bjj black belt under Rorian Gracie.

    It is very interesting - if Zak only trains strength and conditioning 2x a week and he has the wealth of knowledge from his dad, what does that say about guys who do otherwise?

  4. Steve actually got it from Relson if I am not mistaken.

  5. With training BJJ twice a day, I am not surprised that he doesn't do a lot of strength and conditioning as well. It's all about training smarter.



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