Friday, December 7, 2012

The Difference Between The Elite And Us

The difference isn't genetics, we are probably 99% similar. The difference is the elite of any sport can play anywhere, any time, against anyone... There is a lot we really don't ever know nor can we control, they have come to terms with this. The rest of us haven't and we freak out.

Make friends with the darkness and many doors will open up.


  1. Awesome awesome awesome post Sam. Make friends with the darkness. True words my friend, true words. The doors DO open, they friggin burst wide open and the energy can knock you back so hard...This is an amazing experience.

    I took this week off because I have been going pretty solid for a couple of months and my track workout last Wednesday (3 X 500, ugh) was AWFUL. I start up again tomorrow with a stair workout at SDSU, and based on my prior stair workout, I know darkness and I will be having an up close and personal, face to face.



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