Friday, June 14, 2013

An Idea From An MBA Program For BJJ

There is a business saying that I love, A's hire A's and B's hire C's.

It means high achievers want to hire other high achievers who will add value to the company that they themselves do not bring to the table. They don't fear this person because they know their own value. This is true for wanting your friends to do well, it means in the end having friends do well means you will benefit as well.

B's aren't as confident as A's even though they can perform at A level. So they hire a grade below. They tend to secretly want their friends to fail, so they can feel better about themselves. They hate on others to secure their own position. They hire a grade below to protect their own job. They fear other A's and B's.

Have you ever needed help with something, in school, business, work, life, or even where to buy something. You ask a friend who's doing well in that thing you care about, and they don't offer up much help. You send an email or find the best person in that area of interest, and they are more than willing to help?

Maybe you have a question about a certain pass, or a sweep. You ask a guy who's your same belt or one belt higher. They look annoyed that you ask, they kind of show you and tell you, you just have to drill it a lot. You have to feel it, I can't teach it to you.

Then you ask a black belt, or even a really famous competitor who happens to be at your school and he takes his time to answer your question.

In martial arts I know many people who train at inferior schools so they can be the top dog. Or only train with people they know they can beat. A's will roll with anyone, and only want to train at the best school. B's will only want to roll with C's or train at a place where their Jiu Jitsu knowledge and skill appears to be at an A level.

It's easy to be mediocre in life, because it's comfortable and easy to get there. Especially if you have a bit of natural talent.

But if you want to become an A, in everything, you have to surround yourself with A's, read good books, take care of yourself, eat right, and don't be afraid that others might be better than you. That's better for you.

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