Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Student And The Master

In most Eastern philosophy books I've read, or of journals or books written by ancient Asian masters,I keep hearing the same story.

Literally for thousands of years the ancient masters have been telling the same story over and over.

It's about a master wanting to be left alone, and a student appears so eager to learn. And from there, the teacher doesn't teach, makes the student wait. But the student doubts the whole process and has no patience.

From sweeping the master's yard to wax on wax off, always the same story.


The biggest problem with teaching isn't different learning styles, or the student being a bad student, or foolish. The biggest problem has always been doubt, and a lack of patience.

This has always been such an issue, it has to be warned about over and over. That true change comes in small increments and through all your daily habits.

To this day, this is the biggest issue in change and learning.

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