Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The common stereotypes about competition schools are that all they talk about or care about are competitions. There may be some truth to this, we are all humans and our motivations are not always so noble or zen.

But if that's the case, the stereotype of non-competition schools are that all they care about are belts. Everyone will deny it but a common topic of conversation will be, who got what belt, who do you think will get their next belt, are you close to it, or you say constantly bring up how you are not close to your next belt (which still implies you care about the belt), or you meet an old friend, hey what belt are you now? I think I'm getting close to my next belt. Did you hear so and so trained this long and is still a bla bla bla belt?

Majority of us are motivated in martial arts by competitions or belts. Don't look down on competitors as being less noble when you desire something more petty.

Don't even get me started on self defense or MMA oriented BJJ academies. Ai ai ai...


  1. I'm looking to start BJJ and I would like to get your take on Self Defense or MMA oriented BJJ academies? Thanks.

    1. Depends on what your goals are. If it's to for fun and for self defense, do the self defense school. If its for fun, exercise, and possibly to fight MMA, do the MMA oriented BJJ school. If you have any inkling of want to compete in BJJ, join a competition school.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah! Why do people always have to hate on comp schools? When you can so easily also criticize every other kind of school.



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