Saturday, October 19, 2013

Good And Bad Vs Optimal

When thinking of martial arts schools, especially deciding where to train, thinking of things as good or bad becomes problematic.

This school seems "good," it will be "good" for me, I'm "good" here so I'll join.

Good and bad are moral questions, what they really mean by good is that they are comfortable there. What they saw and felt made them comfortable.

Instead they should ask themselves, is this school the most optimal way to get better at BJJ? Their answers may then change.

Is this school "good?" Yes. Is it the most optimal way to get better? Maybe not.

This will save a lot of people time and politics, as one of the things you will constantly see is people switch from the school that made them comfortable, to the school that constantly challenged their comfort but was the more optimal way to get better.

Does that mean the school you left is "bad?" No. But was it less than optimal for you to get better? Maybe yes.

If people think of things in a more solutions based logic, there would be a whole lot less creonte (BJJ term for traitor) politics I believe.

I remember once an idealistic BJJ player who went to a school that made him comfortable. He said this to me, "There's more to BJJ than getting better."

If I were to analyze that answer, I could make an argument that he meant he was going to a school that was less than optimal for his betterment at the sport he was paying money to get better at.

A year later he switched schools.

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