Monday, October 14, 2013

Time For A New Gi

When is it time?

So I've been noticing none of my kimonos (gi) are fitting me right anymore.

I actually have quite a few that I've collected over the years. All A2. And it's literally like I am a puppet when I roll with some of these Cobrinha mutants. They rag doll me and my gi doesn't help!

Then I realized something. When I started BJJ, I was a middle weight, and so A2 was just what you bought. Last time I competed, I was a light-feather, and it's the best division for me. I'm staying here.

Who did I use?

Then it clicked. Duh! I am smaller, so my uniforms are baggier on me. I actually experimented (wasted money) on a few A2's trying out their fits, before I realized I was an A1. I bought a gi from my school, then I ordered one from the company I most often order any martial arts gear from, MAS - Martial Arts Supplies.

I like them because, I don't like paying for shipping and I've never had to pay for shipping with them. People have their preferences, from going to a store, ordering from Budo, this just happens to be the one I like. They also happened to always carry the random stuff I was looking for, or specific gis as well. I remember years ago I was looking for a specific Fuji gi, and only they were carrying it (and everyone else was 20 bucks more expensive and you had to pay for shipping).

I picked the 93 Brand, and I picked A1 fitted so that it would be a tailored fit, no more being a marionette.

My Experience

It's always come quick with them, even when I ordered general martial arts supplies I needed for my training studio All Out Effort. Anyhow I ordered an A1 fitted and I got an A1 long. I was ordering A1 fitted because I was sick of having baggy gis, and wanted something that fit me properly. When I saw it was an A1 long, I was about to do what I normally do. Just accept it, and try to wash it 100x to get it to fit me correctly. I mean it was close enough right?

Also, I didn't want to deal with the headache of trying to exchange it. I've actually never had good customer service experiences from BJJ companies, try getting a refund for a tournament you sign up for and you will know what I mean (or cancel your BJJ membership contract early). But I wanted an A1 fitted, it's the whole reason I even ordered one, so I thought what the hell, the worst he could tell me was no.

But I talked to Aaron and he was super cool and apologetic. He actually sent me a new gi before I even mailed him the old one back. He also covered the shipping for the return and sent me the return slip, all I had to do was print it out and paste it back onto the packaging it came in. He put himself out there because I really could have just kept both gis and sent him back nothing, but he was willing to give me that kind of service.

So since my experiences with BJJ companies haven't been that great, and since the service I got this time around was so worth mentioning, I am mentioning it.

So now none of you have any reason to wear those giant baggy gis, especially those Judo gis with the sleeves you can't grab!

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