Monday, November 18, 2013

UFC 167 Robots Vs Beasts

Big Risks Pay Off

This is a scene from an obscure movie called Gattaca. A movie about perfectly engineered humans and the normally conceived humans who work as laborers.

This past UFC reminded me of that movie. Ethan Hawke, a normal human always beats his brother (an engineered ultra human) in an open water swim because Hawke doesn't save anything for the swim back. It's all or nothing, whereas his brother always has to calculate and be conservative with risks.

Wildman Johny Hendricks thinking he beat GSP

This in a nutshell was GSP/Hendricks and MacDonald/Lawler

In controlled exchanges and game plan executions and fluidity, GSP and Rory MacDonald seem untouchable. But when it's a wild exchange, scrambles, or chaotic, they look like different fighters. Its like watching robots fight wild men.

And the wild men were willing to take risks, willing to leave nothing left, gas and possibly get defeated, save nothing for the next fight, or the next 10 years. Whereas the boys from Tri-Star, when they know they can't finish or the opportunity isn't readily available, they will conserve for the next round, they also think long term about all the fights ahead, they attempt to conserve for future fights, look good for sponsorship deals, future movies, taking less damage, doing enough to win and keep winning sustainably.

Lawler has been stopped on many occasions, and maybe the same will happen to Hendricks who has a habit of leading punches with his face. They don't have to win sustainably, just enough, and just the big fights.

There have been just as many winners who were big risk takers in life, as there were conservative people who inched their way to the top. Who's to say what's right or wrong, but in this stylistic match ups, Hendricks and Lawler were nightmare match ups for the engineered humans.

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