Saturday, September 6, 2014

Was Bruce Lee The Best Fighter?

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I was recently asked, "Does Bruce Lee have any weaknesses in combat?"

Martial arts has become too much about who's the toughest or who's the best fighter. As a fighter, Bruce Lee would never be as recognized as he is now. Bruce Lee is Bruce Lee because he is a martial arts philosopher and a creative artist. He made movies in which no one was flying around during the fight scenes, he made it look believable. He also made it accessible to American audiences.

His opinions on martial arts in relationship to the art of living are gems and is why martial artists and non-martial artists still quote his works.

In true combat, very little is known about Bruce Lee. He got into some street fights just like every other famous martial artist has. The question seems to almost come with an assumption that Bruce Lee was an invincible fighter, why else would he be famous, why else would he matter? He is famous and beloved because he was a genius who made Americans think differently about martial arts and whether he could be a credible professional fighter is beside the point and would not diminish any of his contributions.

There is this attitude, if they aren't a badass fighter, why should I listen to them? With that attitude, there will be so much lost in the martial arts, and all that will remain is a rather time consuming hobby.

"It is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory."

— Bruce Lee

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  1. I think Bruce was certainly a very good fighter for his time. If he had been in his prime today, he'd certainly have a strong BJJ game to go with his stand-up.

    He was so dedicated to martial arts and training, that there's no reason to think otherwise. Also, he did train in grappling - though I'm sure it wasn't to the extent that he would have, had he been alive in this era. It's interesting to think about how his BJJ game would be - likely constantly attacking and moving..

    No matter though, he's still a legend no matter what.



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